Is It Just Me?

I’ve been increasing Charlie’s solid food recently. It’s like something clicked in him developmentally, and he’s been eating all kind of table foods. We bought a food mill so that we could grind up the foods we were eating to a good consistency, but not everything we eat is baby appropriate–I think he’s a little young for enchilada sauce. He’s pretty proficient at eating macaroni and cheese, cheetos, and some cooked vegetables on his own, but yesterday he actually projected carrots across the room, so we’re not going to try that again this week!

So, today I’m cruising around Walmart (dangerous), looking for baby-friendly food, when I see Gerber Graduates Meals. These little meals look great–a little pasta, a little meat, and some vegetables. No preservatives either, which I love. Only one problem–you have to microwave them. You can’t put them in the oven. Call me crazy, but if I’m going to buy my child a nutrious meal with no preservatives, what makes them think I want to radiate it? This makes no sense.

I’m also a little preturbed with Gerber because after stocking up on a cornacopia of mixed fruit purees, I happened to notice the little recycle sign seven on the baby food container. This usually means that the plastic in question is BPA. A couple of weeks ago we went BPA free over here, so it upsets me to see that little seven on the baby food containers. My research (a.k.a. googling crap on the internet) reveals that there is no BPA in the containers. Unfortunately, the plastic is made up largely of styrofoam, which isn’t that great either. From now on, I’m going to go with the jarred food. I’m really considering making my own baby food at this point. The only question in my mind is how to store it.

Gawd. I had no idea I was such a hippie.
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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Making your own baby food is totally awesome. I froze baby food that I made… after whizzing up the food into a perfect consistency I poured it into ice cube trays and popped it into the freezer. Each cube is about one ounce. Once they were frozen I put them in baggies. You could have a veritable Thanksgiving meal for Charlie in the freezer!
    There are loads of books about this but this is the one I used a long time ago:
    Super Baby Food

  2. Stacey says:

    I preferred the “fill giant ziploc bag, lay flat in freezer” method. It’s a compact way of storing pureed foods, and they melt faster that way too if you wanna use them for a couple of days. Large, rectangular blocks of frozen food are also great for home defense.

    Please use a blender. Don’t do a food processor or that teeny food mill. Blenders are FAST.

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    Okay maybe it’s just me but you could always take the food out of the container and put it on a Charlie-Friendly dish!

    Keep on Groovin’

  4. I think you should definitely consider making your own food. Like the previous comments, freezing is the way to go. Of course, this is just my opinion. Buy anyway. Thanks for the pic.

  5. Ummm ya I don’t exactly know much about this topic. I do know that my sister is Ms Nutrition, she has her PhD in nutrition, and I was surprised to see her feeding my youngest niece (who’s almost 1) some kind of gerber stuff. I think she made her own with the first couple kids but with #3 she said screw it!!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    I wonder if you could put those gerber graduates things in a small casserole like one of those smaller Corning Ware dishes and put it in the oven to warm it up. That would probably work. It would just dirty another dish.

    I’ve heard of a lot of people making their own baby food. I think it sounds like a pretty good deal if you have the time to do it.

  7. I’ve heard the ice cube tray plan before…sounds pretty handy.

    Go ahead Earth Mother! Be a hippie. All the cool kids are doing it! πŸ˜‰

  8. Seeking Serenity says:

    Have you ever tried canning? I bet they have quite a bit of canning recipes on the internet and you just need a water bath or pressure cooker and some jars.

  9. Thanks for the mssg on my blog. I’m glad you stopped by. As for making baby food, I’m afraid I know nothing. I used to throw lunchables at the Things’ heads. If they caught them, they ate that day. Now a lunchable is a bite sized treat AND I’m actually trying to move away from all the processed food. I’m thinking I could just throw a whole chicken at them and see what happens.

    Good luck

  10. Small Town Girl says:

    I just had to come over and tell you about how much I love the spinach dip at Applebee’s, too. I could easily go there and just order spinach dip and a blondie and be a happy camper! πŸ˜‰

  11. Seeking Serenity says:

    Thanks for the comment. We have had the birth control set up for a while. We always told her if you even have a mere thought of having sex, tell us and we will get you a doctor appt.

    As far as the canning goes, yeah google it, I will look at some sites and send it your way if you would like. It would allow you to have baby food stored in a pantry instead of the freezer taking up room and you can use the jars over and over again.

    Take care, Kate

  12. I say make it yourself–if you can find a way–elizabeth’s idea sounds good.

    I didn’t know I was such a hippie until recently, either…I think it’s contagious and like cancer once you get it–it spreads to all aspects of your life.

  13. Hey, dear. Make it and freeze it in ice trays. It is great. I did it for Ab. Here is a great website I used and still have a copy of:
    Ab loves sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin like this.

  14. Haz Bien says:

    Your Google research comment, radiation comment, and the hippie comment cracked me up.

    Have fun with the baby food making… My mom did that for a long time with my little brother. I’m pretty sure she froze it in baby food jars after it was made. The ones without BPA & Styrofoam, of course. :)

  15. White Hot Magik says:

    I did the freezer thing. I sold baby food jars on ebay once, crafters like them, so you might be able to buy some for canning if you go that route. I didn’t think making it took that much time. The jars were handy for when we were traveling though. I am off to check out your bpa links because I am in the dark.