Archives for May 20, 2008

Just When You Thought I Was Done

Today, we got an invitation in the mail for “The Parents of Children With Special Needs.” It’s being held on Saturday morning at the all-new, accessible playground that’s TEN MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE! If you’re not the clicking type, an accessible playground is one where children of various ability levels can play–even kids in wheelchairs. There are two in the entire state. Honestly, I didn’t think Louisiana was up-with-the-times enough to have something like this. Amanda took her son Jack to an accessible playground in their area, and he seemed to be having a total blast. The event is being sponsored by the Rehab department where we just-so-happened to get an appointment (finally!).

I’m a complete dork and I know it and I don’t even care.

Woo hoo!

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