I Wish

What She Wore: My faded Levis; a navy blue shirt with black trim; black, beaded, slip-on mules.

What She Ate: For lunch I had Chicken Parmesan and Caesar Salad from Copeland‘s Fire and Ice. For dinner I had tomato basil soup and Caesar salad from La Madeline. Later the Hub made homemade mint ice cream. A great eating day.

Well, I wish I had more to report, but I’m glad things are a calm these days.

I’ve been working in my vegetable garden–I’ve got sprouts of cucumber, green onion, corn, and maybe beans starting to show (I’m saying maybe because I can’t quite remember if that’s what I planted right there).

Charlie is back on track and working hard. I concentrated on keeping us on schedule and he’s responded well.

I’m trying to introduce more solid food, but I’m still struggling with this. His OT watched him eat a fig newton and he’s definitely got some of the right moves. He forgets to swallow every once and a while, but I’m not too worried–he figures it out in the end.

I’ve decided that we’re definitely going to add some private physical therapy and maybe speech therapy as well. I have to see how much I can squeeze out of our insurance company.

The best news of all is something I forgot to mention in the hecticness of last week. Charlie has officially been dismissed by Nephrology. I don’t talk about his kidneys much because I never worried about them too much. Between a mis-firing heart and a damaged brain, I couldn’t spend too much time fussing over kidneys. Anyway, when Charlie was placed on life support (ECMO), he swelled up like a tomato. One of the side-effects of ECMO is kidney damage. We’ve been monitoring closely to make sure that his kidneys fully recovered. We had an ultrasound and everything looks perfectly normal, so now I can cross one doctor off our list. Hooray! Now Charlie only sees four doctors. It was six when we first left the hospital.

That’s it. I wish is was more interesting, but sometimes life is calm and that is A-OK with me.

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  1. Ah, we have a friend who was also on ECMO! I have to say that Charlie is truly a miracle to have gone through that and doing so well now. Yeah, for crossing one of the worries of your list.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    That boy sure can fight! Well done, Charlie!

    I’m itching to get a garden in over here. The weather has been so nutty that I think it’s only in the next couple of weeks that we can even consider doing it.

  3. desperate housewife says:

    Great news about the healthy kidneys! Your little guy looks so smiley and sweet, but he must be such a fighter, too.

  4. OK–that ice cream just looks way to good!
    I wish I ate like you!

  5. Small Town Girl says:

    Keep up the good work, Charlie!!

    That ice cream looks delish.!

  6. I can’t wait to post the pics of my baby wearing those same darn red velcro sun glasses, it’ll be in one of my next posts! To funny.

    I have to tell you, I am so freaking darn jealous of your garden. Not only is it snowing today, not kidding, but on this base you can not have a veggie garden in your yard, motherhumpers.


  7. Leucantha` says:

    Yeah Charlie! The garden looks great!

  8. Nadine Hightower says:

    That is good news!! Go Charlie Go!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    that picture brings back memories…i am so proud of him…now if we can just get rid of a few more dr’s…

    *~* :o) most smiles are started by another smile… :o) *~*

  10. You really have had a crappy pet week! I sure hope your cat is alright–I hope he turns up somewhere soon. How much do those microchips run anyway?

    Charlie is amazing…just from everything he has done in only his first year of life. What a guy!

    Our garden is up and running–things are planted but nothing is really growing yet. It shouldn’t be long. You’ll probably have fresh veggies to grill before we do, though. Oh, to live in the South again.