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Seriously Effing Disturbed

I was just prowling around on Facebook when I saw a group entitled Speak English or Get Out. Sadly, this group was founded by someone who attended LSU, but there were people like this is Arkansas too.

All I can say is this:

  1. Just because someone speaks Spanish, that doesn’t mean that they can’t speak English. My grandmother spoke three languages: Spanish, English, and French. My father speaks Spanish and English.
  2. What’s the big deal about Spanish? I don’t see people losing their minds when people start conversing in Vietnamese or Hindi or French.
  3. No one is talking about you. I hear this all the time, and all I can say is get the F over yourself. Just because someone is speaking another language, it doesn’t mean that they’re commenting on you shoes or whatever. You’re not Brad Pitt or Katie Holmes–most people just don’t care.

The saddest part was that this group had been joined by a lot of foreign nationals who were hoping to improve their English skills–they didn’t get that the group was derogatory.


What She Wore: Black v-neck tee; blue jeans; royal blue, suede-like flip-flops; royal blue plastic bracelet from Tar-gay. I’m having a bit of an obsession with plastic jewelry these days.

What She Ate: Spaghetti and meatballs from The Peppermill. For dinner I’m having some manner of Lean Cuisine.

My thoughts are all over the place these days, so this blog is going to be extremely random.

Charlie is going to be fitted for AFO‘s to help him with balance while he practices standing and walking. These aren’t covered by insurance, but luckily the state will pay for things like this if we get it through their program. We’re also going to get soft knee braces to help him keep his legs straight while he sleeps. With braces on his knees, ankles, and hand the kid is going to look like robot-man. Maybe we should just put him in a full body cast?


We had lunch with the old high school friend. We punted on the whole Charlie situation and said nothing. Charlie played with his keys through lunch and then fell asleep. Someone who is very astute might have noticed that he doesn’t really look at people very much, but the friend was very distracted by his own little ones. He is doing well, and is very much the same guy he’s always been–very smart and working way too hard. He seemed interested in rekindling the friendship, so the Hub sent him an e-mail about Charlie on Monday. He took it in stride and said he hadn’t noticed a thing. Now I’m just stressing about the politics of him and the other friend. Charlie’s birthday is less than two months away and I don’t need any fist-fights breaking out.


My mom came up with some prototypes for Charlie’s birthday invitation. Here are some pictures. I’m going to go get some supplies tomorrow and start trying to get a final one done. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go with the vertical card and the front is going to have something along the lines of “this little piggy went to market.”

Gosh, I could go on and on like this, but I’ll save some for tomorrow.

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