Yatch and a bit of a Rant

What She Wore: flouncy black tee with a scoop neck and cap sleeves; faded blue jeans; black and gray herringbone mary janes. I need to go change, though, so I can get a little gardening done.

What She Ate: Ugh. Crackers. That’s it. I’m just not that hungry today.

Well, I typed a big update after the PT came and then it just disappeared. I have no idea where it went. I’ll summarize:

I liked her.
She’s my age, graduated from LSU the same year as me, and she has a four-month-old daughter.
She seemed to like Charlie
She’s ready to work on sitting, crawling, and standing. I think she wants to order some foot braces.
She didn’t think his hamstrings were bad at all and was only a little concerned about one of his triceps.

So, I’m a little nervous because I’m realizing how busy we’re going to be with everything. I have a lot of new ideas already and I still need to meet his “teacher” and his speech therapist.

Now I’m going to rant for a second.

I read this bulletin board with news about the town I live in. Someone posted on it that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. This is the second time I’ve heard this. I am no biblical scholar, but I did do a Bible study that included the End of Days, and I just think this stuff is nuts. The Bible does not say that the Antichrist is a forty-year-old Muslim (that’s what this bulletin board post said). It’s pretty vague stuff there, and people are free to interpret it the way they want, but I HATE when people say, “the Bible says,” and don’t use references because there aren’t any. The English teacher in me in annoyed.

End Rant.

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  1. A) I think Charlie has great tastes in food B)Your today outfit sounds so cool. I look like such a dork wherever I go C) You’ve gardened for like 2 days in a row now. It’s so not fair that you live in a warm state. D)I’m glad you liked Charlie’s PT and I hope you feel the same about his teacher and speech therapist E) People get so worked up reading Revelations. And I’m pretty certain that the antichrist is not Barack Obama, but Hannah Montana–though I’m not sure I can find a bible verse to back that up.

  2. You rock, Toni.

  3. I’m glad you like the PT.
    People are ignorant–they think they can use the BIble as a shield to say whatever they want–don’t they think people will bother to look stuff up? Not to mention the fact that BO is a total Christian…can the anti-christ be a church-going Christian??

  4. I’m glad that the PT appt. went well. I’m hoping she is coming to your house? I don’t think we were ever as scheduled as you guys are, but for D’s first three years we had two mornings at the EI center, an OT that came to our house, and a PT a half hour away. It gets tiring but it is sooooooo worth it. Now I’m flipping out how I would schedule Elise with EI if the need arises (we find out next week what the outcome of the two assessments are).

  5. Haz Bien says:

    Obama’s Muslim? I sure didn’t know that. Yet somehow I don’t think that justifies calling him the antichrist… geez! People throw that label around… I wish they would just realize that that’s not a thing you just go around calling people. Obviously they don’t understand God if they don’t understand the evil power of the REAL antichrist.

    Okay… small rant. I hate how it says when somebody deletes a comment. Just fixing a spelling mistake, Blogspot! Why don’t you make it look like I put something super awful and then tried covered it up by deleting it?? Ha!

  6. I think Obama actually attends the Church of Christ, but his father was a Muslim? He is definitely a church-goer. Honestly, I don’t think he’d have a shot if he wasn’t.

    Now that you mention it, I guess Muslim isn’t a nationality, but a religion. Just makes that post I read today even dumber.

  7. Leucantha` says:

    I am constantly defending Obama it seems from total lies. He isn’t even my candidate, but the lies anger me too. I have felt like shouting get your facts straight jerk!

    I am glad the feeding goes well. I read somewhere that it takes babies a few tries before the like something I didn’t give up and my kids don’t always want to eat vegetables but I think they eat a wide variety. (As they have gotten older I still keep the rule of try a bite.)

  8. Nadine Hightower says:

    yep, he’s not muslim. He said so himself….on the news. Not in a mass email!! Ignorance is such a problem!!

    I like Charlies PT too. Anyone that has a positive outlook is welcome on TeamCharlie!

    aahhh disney???

  9. Small Town Girl says:

    How great that you like his PT! I can’t wait to hear all about his progress. It sounds like she was pretty positive.

  10. Yay I’m so glad that the PT went well and you got along with the girl so well! I can’t wait to hear about his progress.

  11. Yea, I dislike when people say, I don’t like so and so, and have no reason for it. People need to realize that having some back up info will make their point more stronger and viable.

  12. desperate housewife says:

    Oh, don’t even get me STARTED on all the annoying crap people try to attribute to the Bible! For example, the saying, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” IS NOT IN THERE, people. Go ahead and look!
    Anyhoo. Yeah. I’m with Toni- Hannah has a much better shot at taking over the world, IMO.

  13. Trying to get caught up on all the BIRD happenings! How did I get so behind??
    A Muslim does not the antichrist make…I feel like people need to lighten up.