There’s a Penguin in My House

What She Wore: Black, v-neck tee with short sleeve; blue jeans, leopard print slides with a wooden sole and a little narrow pink buckle.
What She Ate: PF Chang’s Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian Beef for lunch and dinner. I made my mother take me out to lunch because I was kind of depressed about the cat. Then, I took the leftovers home and had them for dinner.

Today Charlie’s OT brought over a Penguin Pediatric Stander. Sounds cute, right? Well, they tried to make it look cute too. Here’s a picture:

The reality isn’t as great. At first Charlie HATED it. Well, mostly he hated being put in it. Then, he thought it was super-cool to be wheeled around the house. Then, he just acted confused. He’s supposed to stand in it ten minutes twice a day to stretch out his hamstrings and prevent him from losing bone mass. He’s a little too small for it (darn short genes), so we had to do some finagaling. This belong to a former client of our OT’s who donated it when her daughter grew out of it. Charlie will use it until he grows out of it.

So far, he’s not terribly impressed.

I also bought him a Baby Safe Feeder today too. He likes that a LOT better than the stander. Here his is trying some grapes.

PS: Still no sign of the cat–three days seems to be the magic number for cats. If he doesn’t turn up after three days I’m going to lose it. So far, I’ve patrolled the neighborhood and checked the Animal Control’s website–no luck. I left out some food, but all I got were a lot of ants. Hopefully, this is just a little vacation and he’ll be back by the end of the weekend.

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  1. That picture of Charlie in the stander is too funny. Although I can’t say I wouldn’t be confused too if I had to be rolled around next to a penguin everyday…

    Hopefully your cat will return safely… But you know, it is spring. Maybe his hormones are acting up? Looking for a little cat lovin’? Is he neutered??

  2. He’s totally nuertered, but there’s a big, treed, lush pretty close to ours. I bet he’s off hunting the birds who’ve been chirping around here.

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    Sorry about the ants…I feel responsible for that. And I know you have done it but I have to ask…have you asked the neighbors…all of them!! Some times they will take them in not really thinking that the cat actually belongs to someone. I had a lady try to take one of the outside cats!! Out of my pasture!! All becuz for some odd reason she thought it was a stray!! It’s my freakin’ cat!!! Any way ask them all.

    Charlie will be off in no time…I would be worried he would fall foward and bonk his head on something…bonk is a perfectly legal mommy word!!

  4. Aw, I know how it is to have a missing cat and I’m hoping Max shows up, and he’ll probably sleep for three days after his big adventure!

    That penguin stander thing is too funny!

  5. I’m so impressed with the safe baby feeder. How I wish we had those 43 years ago.

    Gigggle, he looks as interested in the stander as my grandson did with his…..not!

    Oh man, I sure hope the cat comes home soon. Listen by the tree to see if you can hear him, maybe he’s up there and doesn’t know how to come down…just a thought.

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    LOL, nope, Charlie doesn’t look impressed with that stander. Hopefully he’ll get used to it and end up liking it.

    I’m crossing my fingers that you cat comes home!!

  7. Leucantha` says:

    I hope your cat is just sowing his wild oats.

    Nice of them to make that device look pretty. Although my mother in law thinks penguins are inherently evil. I guess she has watched too much Wallace & Grommet.

  8. Penguins inherently evil? Of course not–just watch March of the Penguins. Clowns? Now they are evil.

    OH, and that’s supposed to say a big, treed, lush LOT. I live by a big, uncleared lot–kitty playground if you ask me.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    What would be totally rocking would be if that Penguin were motorized and you could send Charlie all over the house on a little adventure. :) LOL

    Frozen fruit works wonderfully in those baby safe feeders when it’s teething time.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your cat. Sometimes they just need some prowling around… *hugs*

  10. Anonymous says:

    maybe you cat is getting a piece…?

    as for the feeder…that is so neat…i never knew they made them…but then again i am new…

    as for the stander…i think it’s cute…and i am sure that he will eventually come to enjoy his time in it…

  11. I can’t believe how much Charlie has grown! He’s doing so well! And he is so cute! Don’t worry, your cat will come back eventually most likely with an ashamed look on his face. He’s probably out fighting and generally getting into trouble. Neutered or not!

  12. i’m so sorry about your cat… i hope he’ll make it home safe and sound (and soon!)

    the safe feeder was a big hit in our house too – especially since our little man didn’t get any teeth until after his first year! his fave fruits were melon and bananas. happy feeding.

  13. I didn’t know the standers came in “penguin” — we have the monkey stander.

    Re: vision. Have you looked at Cortical Vision Impairment? Something you said about Charlie only looking when he really wants to made me think of what our vision therapy person said: CVI is often missed, kids are often using peripheral vision and looking “at” something even though they appear to be looking away. Anyhoo, check out for more info and a good description. Q’s CVI has improved a great deal. This was good to know because it was easy to mistake his looking away as him not processing what we were trying to do with him. Adding a little more lag time for a response from him helped.

    Re: the cat. I’m so sorry he’s AWOL. I’ll be thinking of you.

  14. That picture of Charlie just snoozing away standing up is hilarious. Has your cat come back yet? My parents had a cat that stayed gone for a week. It came back and never ever left the porch again.