My Projects

What She Wore: Purple t-shirt that says “I heart NOLA,” gray yoga pants, tennis shoes. I meant to garden, but I couldn’t get my lazy butt out the door.

What She Ate: Leftover burger from a local place. I ate so much spinach dip last night that I had most of my sandwich left.

People who know me know that I always have a million ideas swirling in my head. I’m an idea person, but it’s hard for me to actually get things off the ground. I have three big projects, however, that I am determined to see through.

First up, is a vegetable garden. All this garden time has been spent trying to dig a plot of land for my garden. I’ve accomplished very little because I’m a huge wimp. No matter what, though, I’m planting this weekend. Hopefully, something will come of this, but either way I’m going to give it a go.

Next, I have Charlie’s birthday party. Since I’ve already started inviting people, I don’t think there’s any avoiding this one. In three months my little boy turns one. I’m not exactly sure what to do. The only thing I know with certainty is that I want to hang a big sign on the porch that reads, “Miracle Man Turns One.” That’s not much of a plan. Barbeque maybe? A spacewalk? I just don’t know.

Finally, I have Halloween. Halloween is a big deal on my street and the one over. I’ve heard people estimate that you could have over five hundred kids coming through. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I figure I might as well live it up and throw a party. The kids can run around and trick or treat and the adults can stay inside and eat and drink. It just so happens to be on a Saturday, so it will be perfect. I’ve decided on a Pirate theme, and I’m trying to figure out how to make the porch look like the side of a ship. This is going to involve some major planning.

If anybody has any thoughts or ideas than just let me know!

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  1. I am good at starting projects and not finishing them. My sewing projects for example. I have three quilts started all in different phases, one for over a year.

    We are having a Mexican Fiesta for Elise’s birthday. One of her favorite foods is spicy Mexican rice. We are going to have a salsa cook off and tequila shots and margaritas. Not bad for a first birthday, haha.

    D’s first birthday was a cowgirl theme.

  2. Ok, Shannon, now THAT is a kids party I can get on board with. My dad would be all about it too. He’s been talking about his own Cinco De Mayo party for months. I just don’t know what to do for Charlie. Hopefully, inspiration will hit one of these days.

  3. Haz Bien says:

    Wow! It’s so hard to believe Charlie’s going to be one. I love the idea of the sign. The world needs to know what a miracle your boy is!

    As for party themes, I’m clueless! I could plan a Princess Party like there’s no tomorrow, but I don’t think Charlie would be into that so much. Ha.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Halloween…but it’s March…did i miss something??

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    Oh yeah…a party!!!
    Till up a space…you can rent a tiller!

    BBQ…. very good idea!!!

    And if you want to do the Halloween thing right start planning now!! Sounds like fun!!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    1. Good luck with the gardening. I attempted to have a vegetable garden the first summer I had my place because the former owners had a spot for it. It didn’t go very well. Damn rabbits ate my only success…the green beans. That was the end of that. I threw in the towel.

    2. I say just have a fun, relaxing day for Charlie’s birthday. Yeah, you can come up with some kind of theme, but I wouldn’t waste my time of going too crazy on the first couple birthdays because he won’t remember them anyway. Don’t use up your good ideas when he’s little!! 😉 BTW I can’t believe he’s almost one already! Time really flies.

    3. I love that you are planning for Halloween already. I NEVER plan anything that far in advance. I’m lucky I know what I’m doing tomorrow!!

  7. We’re vegetable gardening sometime within the next few weekends here, too. I’m stoked. Do you know what you’re planting yet?
    Charlie’s birthday party–how many kids do you think are coming? Because if there are lots, then the moon bounce thing wouldn’t be such a bad idea…if the kids were old enough. If it’s mostly adults and babies, stick with the barbeque. I promise, Charlie won’t care or remember, and it’ll be good times for everyone. June is such a great month for a birthday barbeque. BTW I love the big sign on the porch idea.
    As for Halloween I’ll have to brainstorm…you just have all kinds of fun stuff going on at your house don’t you?

  8. P.S. OOOO I’m totally loving the Mexican Fiesta party idea. And once I read about an ice-cream party: you put a bunch of different crazy toppings on a picnic table (with a vinyl cloth over it) and churn some ice cream, let the kids get their own bowls and go nuts…sounded yummy and really fun.

  9. Hmm, I am like the least creative person ever, so, I probably can’t be much help here!!

    I like to garden, we always had gardens growing up, but, umm, I always seem to kill everything, so, I gave up on that little pipe dream of mine!

  10. Wow, you just blew my mind! I can NOT believe that Charlie is almost one! ALREADY! YAY, party time!

    A BBQ sounds yuuuuumy! How about a Mardi Gras type of thing?

  11. Why am I thinking about Halloween in March? Well, because I am going to need to do some serious planning ot pull this baby off. I’m going to need major decorations, costumes, invitations, and food. And I love Halloween, so why not?

    Hmmmmm. . . a BBQ is starting to sound very tempting. I drove by a place today that said they made signs too. Perhaps I’m beginning to have some plans.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My gosh, you actually have started thinking about Halloween already? Not even begin to think about it until September. You definitely do have a lot of things going on in your head.
    Birthday party already. It seems like just yesterday.
    Billy Paul

  13. WOW girl…you’re not just a chick with ideas swirling in your head, you’re a freakin visionary!!!
    I love your birthday sign idea…I say DO IT!
    500 trick or treaters!!! Good golly…