Did I Mention I’m Crazy?

What She Wore: Forest green turtleneck; blue jeans. I can’t remember the shoes–they couldn’t have been that great if I can’t even remember them.

What She Ate: For lunch I had leftover BBQ chicken pizza. For dinner, we had red beans and rice.

Lately, I’ve started to realize that I’m getting a bit odd in my old age. I didn’t notice until the last week or so, but I’m definitely starting see that I’m not as main stream as I once was.

I sort of hinted at, but I wasn’t entirely clear when I said that I heat my microwave dinners up in the oven. I don’t actually own a microwave. I’ve had one for years. Someone gave us one when we lived in Texas, and in Arkansas it was a built-in. There isn’t one in our current home and it just isn’t a priority. We only used it to boil water and to pop popcorn, and right now we don’t feel the need to go out and get one. We may never get one. This, apparently, is weird, but I don’t see the point on spending money on something I never use.

We are currently without TV. We plan on getting some rabbit ears, but we haven’t gotten around to it.

Today, at a hardware store, the woman at the checkout told me that her body had never been the same after having a car accident. I started telling her all about the chiropractor I knew of that supposedly worked miracles. She looked at me and said, “I don’t believe is chiropractors.” Damn. I didn’t even know that was controversial. Insurance covers it, so I felt that was pretty mainstream.

I’m weird, right?

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    You are definitely not weird. Why have something you don’t need or use? I don’t have a quesadilla maker and I am Not Weird. I think. πŸ˜‰

  2. Shannon says:

    NOT weird.

    I rarely use a microwave. Well, to melt butter, but I could use a pan for that.

    I didn’t watch much tv throughout my entire college experience. AND, I never had cable so it was pretty piss poor quality if I did watch it.

    I’m so un-mainstream with my medical thoughts, but who thinks a chiropractor is weird?

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    I vote weird!!
    I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my microwave!!!! I love to cook and have all-clad but I LOVE MY MICROWAVE!!!!!!! It’s 15 years old….and when it dies I will running to the nearest Amana Radar Range dealer and buy another one no matter what it costs!
    I also cannot live without with out my blow dryer….I have a spare just in case!! I have made the mad dash to WalMart with a wet head for a new one!! So now I have a spare.

    Yes there is a controversy about chiros….why I don’t know. Those that use them love them!!! Those that don’t are just ignorant. I wonder sometime if those that do not use chiros think it’s like yoga…a religous thing…and not a way to feel better. Some people do not use DOs but MDs becuz of some hang up over the ostopathic methods.
    That all makes me sounds like I know stuff!!

  4. you know come to think of it i don’t use the microwave much either…

    and for about 10 years when i lived on my own i never had anything but rabbit ears…never bothered me any…

    as for the chiropracter…there are many people who think they are horrible people…i for one think they are great….

    *~* :o) everyone smiles in the same language… :o) *~*

  5. Small Town Girl says:

    I say you’re just a little weird. :)

    The top three things I use my microwave for are 1) making nachos; 2) warming up leftovers; and 3) making popcorn. Oh, and thawing meat when I forget to take some out which is about twice a week at least. I could probably get by without one, too, but it’s one of those things that I’m just lost without when I don’t have one.

    I would REALLY be lost without my TV, but that’s mainly because I’m by myself all the time. If I had someone to actually talk to or interact with it probably wouldn’t be such a necessity. I WISH I could get by without it because it’d save me some money!

  6. Semi weird. I use the microwave a lot. Those Birds Eye Veggies that steam in their own bag are a God send. Plus I like to heat up this great herbal heating pad that I have.

    Chiros freak me out a little. My husband went to one and I felt that they were kinda milking his injury for insurance money.

  7. I’d call you a freak but then my blog is pretty incriminating, so I’ll just say you’re normal except for maybe the microwave thing and move on.

    I don’t know how I missed the entry about Charlie and all his teachers and therapy but from the sound of things he’s doing really, really good! And he is so stinkin’ cute I can’t even stand it! Those cheeks! That smile! Does it ever leave his face?

    And how does that butt feel lately?

  8. Y’all are cracking me up. I have two hair dryers too–you never know when one is going to go out.

  9. Weird.

    I don’t have a microwave right now, and I could have used to defrost some stuff for dinner.

    You are not weird because of the microwave thing – its because I know you, and I know that you are weird.

    I had another comment,but the whole weird thing sort of knocked me off kilter.

    Oh, yeah – she doesn’t believe in Chiropractors? Are they like unicorns or leprechauns? I am sure I’ve seen chiropractors, I’ve also been to a couple – they do exist. Now she’s weird.

    Last comment, Jeff wants to be a chiro. If and when, you can tell her “You should go see my cousin, Dr Jeff”


  10. If Jeff becomes a chiro I’m first in line for crackin;!

  11. Haz Bien says:

    That’s funny! I’m from a big family of chiropractor-goers, but I think the controversy with it is something about it not being “mainstream” medicine? And I know that there are lots of dishonest ones… keep you coming back for $40 a pop (literally, hehe) by telling you that not making routine visits will worsen your condition.

    Wow, that made me sound like I totally know a lot about chiropractors. I don’t. Ha.

    Actually I saw a pamphlet with like FAQ’s in the office one time that said something to the effect of “Chiropractics is not a mystical practice.” Maybe that could be it? Ha.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Weird I thought was something out of the ordinary, not the chiropractic or being without tv/microwave. I don’t think that’s weird, but then again I probably fall in the same catagory based on some of my quirks.

    Besides, I think being quirky is charming and sets us apart from others.


  13. Kathleen says:

    I must say that you look fabulous as a redhead. Of course my opinion might be a tad biased because my red has been coming from a bottle for 20 years…

    I think I am the wierd one because I refuse to go without a mircrowave. When mine caught fire, I went and got a new one the same day. I use it to heat coffee, warm veggies, melt butter, make oatmeal, reheat leftovers…

  14. Haha, ya, you’re a little weird :)

    I think I could live without those things, I’m just so used to the microwave and TV now, but, if I didn’t have them for a couple weeks, I’d miss them at first but then I’m sure I’d get used to it.

    I’ve never been to a chirorpractor and I also never knew there was anything controversial about them!

  15. Ok…

    Not weird but definitely different than me. I would die without my microwave as I cook just once a week and heat up my meals for the rest of the week in the microwave.

    Cable TV is our entertainment! I don’t get to watch much of it but when i want to watch it… by golly I am going to watch it.

    I can’t say that I don’t believe in chiropractors but I won’t go to one myself. I did it once for a problem with my shoulder and ended up with horrible headaches every time i drove. Stopped the sessions and the headaches stopped. That pretty much ends any possibility that I will ever go to one again.


  16. You’re not weird.

    BBQ chicken pizza! YUMMY.

  17. If I didnt have a microwave, I wouldnt eat.
    But I believe in chiropractors…

  18. You’ll be second or third in line. πŸ˜‰

  19. Damn.