Ummm. . . Wha?

What She Wore: Jeans; red, ribbed henley; shiny red patent heels with a picnic basket heel.

What She Ate: Enchiladas!!! So pleased to be eating something that wasn’t soup or a Lean Cuisine. Life is good.

Do you think there are some rules for shopping? ‘Cause I do. There are just some things that you don’t do. Today, while at my Mecca, otherwise known as TJ Maxx, I encountered a woman who has clearly not attended the same shopping etiquette class as I.

You see, when I’m shopping, I don’t reach out and grab something that someone else is looking at. I may lurk nearby pretending to admire some heinous handbag, but I don’t actually reach out and grab something from under someone else’s nose. To me, that is rude.

So today, I was a little perturbed when this woman snuck her hand in front of me to finger some towels I was looking at. She actually had to snake her little mitt over there because I was standing very close to them. I mean, come on, do you really need some hand towels so bad that you can’t wait five seconds for me to move on? Sheesh.

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  1. ediemYeah–that’s totally inappropriate. B@tch! You should’ve smacked her hand. 😉

  2. Did she at least offer a bland “Excuse me”? Jeesh!

  3. Are you serious?? Shopping etiquette… suddenly sounds like a pretty good idea! Someone should write a book on that. Seriously. There’s an etiquette book for just about everything else these days…

    A TJ Maxx is getting ready to open across the street from me… Yippee! Best place for <$25 shoes. Period.

  4. Ya, that’s totally rude. It’s amazing what some people will do while shopping!!

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    But I was in a hurry and geez I really wanted to look at the towel!!!

    I do the same thing…pretend to look something else and the second the person moves I swoop in and nad the item!!

  6. Nadine Hightower says:

    nab…nab the item

  7. Oh, no she DIDN’T…I would’ve said (sarcastically, of course) “I’m sorry, am I in your way?” and then tossed the towel at her…
    I freakin’ love TJMaxx–we just got one (finally) up here and I’m actually headed there today.

  8. That actually happened to me yesterday whilst looking at pocket books. I gave her my WTF look.

  9. well how rude…

    *~* :o) always remember to be happy… :o) because you never know who is falling in love with your smile… :o) *~*

  10. Small Town Girl says:

    That’s just plain weird. Why would someone ever do that?

    On the food thing, I’m just plain a wimp about anything spicy. I don’t even like pepper! I’ve gotten a million times better, but I’m still not exactly a fan. I dealt with it though and now I can at least appreciate that it was good, just not my ideal flavor. :)

  11. I totally LOVE TJmax, I ALWAYS get my sunglasses there, oh and I got the CUTEST Dollhouse shoes there the other day, they’re wedges and feel like tennis shoes.

    When someone does that I always have the urge to smack their hand….hehehe, could you imagine?

  12. Love me some TJs.
    I’ve gotta say that the “over-grab” is pretty much Shopping Etiquette 101…Come On!

    The nerve of some people!

  13. What an awful woman!
    Too rude to even waste time on…

    I love the red shoes have to have them LOL

    So I have caught up on all your entries up to Mardi Gras teehee there is nothing I like more than catching up with Katy and Charlie.

    Happy that he is doing well… thank you for taking the time to explain cerebral palsy to us because it always baffles me..

    Keep good and hugs to you and Charlie the strong.
    I am sure he will be walking strong before you know it.