Mini Post One

What She Wore: faded Levis; navy blue and white, waffle-weave henley; brown, slip-on tennis shoes.

What She Ate: Enchiladas. Chicken, cheese, and beef from a local place that I like very much. It wasn’t even that crowded considering it’s Valentine’s day and all.

Despite my chair quandry, I am making minute progress in other parts of the house. Let me show you some of my progress.

The last time you saw this room it looked like this:

Now, we have this done.

And before you ask, that painting in there is an original KM–I can’t afford THAT much original art. We still have a ways to go. As I look at this picture I realize I’ve lost a candle somewhere.

I still have this pile of Goodwill stuff in the corner, but hey. . .Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

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  1. The room is coming right along. Looks great! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Hugs to you!

  2. The room looks good!

    And you really need to stop talking about good food, I am now totally craving enchiladas!

  3. Nadine Hightower says:

    All caught up! Charlie botox worries me a bit. Maybe later when you know more and he’s older.

    And the food thing…I’m so craving Picadilly’s now!

    The house is coming along nicely.

    And we TaDa…at everything! trees, frogs, stairs,….everything!

  4. That’s right–it takes time!

  5. A few things…

    1. Things are looking really great!
    2. I LOVE the pic a the top of the page…front door w/ wreath! Lovely.
    3. I am very much enjoying the recent “What she ate” segment of the blogs…methinks you like chicken enchiladas! 😉