Guess What I Did?

What She Wore: Blue jeans; navy blue, pin-tucked shirt with a mandarin collar; black, patent-leather stilleto sling-backs with a cork heel.

What She Ate: Went to this Junior League thing at the convention center and it was catered. Grits, pulled BBQ pork, cheddar cheese, and green onions. There was some seafood pasta as well, but I didn’t have any of that.

So, I paid a LOT of money to get my hair dyed recently and the day I got home I had these horrible roots. I’m not kidding–the day I got home. Finally, I’d had enough, so I went to the drug store, bought a fifteen dollar box of color+highlights and viola! I’m a redhead now. I documented the process:

The roots:

The dye:

After washing out the dye:

Adding the highlights:

The new roots:

All gussied-up for the Junior League ladies:

I like it!

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  1. You look gorgeous!

    I would just about kill to have that beautiful colour. Sadly I have dark brown hair and I’ve never been able to get anywhere near that.

    Giggle, but I can brag for a nearly 60 year old I have very few grey hairs. I guess that I will have to be happy with that.

  2. Shannon says:

    Great color!

  3. Ssssmokin!!

    Did you call and complain to the salon where you had your hair done?

    And this reminds me… I need to make an appointment to get my hair done. Sans wonky roots, of course. πŸ˜‰

  4. Elizabeth says:

    That was me on that last comment. Looks like my bro in law forgot to sign out of his google account.

  5. I love it, that color looks great on you!!

  6. I didn’t call that salon and complain. I was so freakin’ annoyed at that point I just wanted to leave the whole experience behind. I keep trying to get people to cut my hair short since it takes a really long time to dry it. They just won’t do it. I end up with the same haircut every time and this time I had that plus crappy roots. I’ve had better luck at Super Cuts.

  7. Ohhhhh maybe when I come out there you can do mineeeeee!!!! There used to be this guy on the Westbank named Jimbo @ this cheapo hair place (Supercuts…maybe?) on Manhatton Blvd. and almost the intersection of Gretna Blvd I think. I used to cruise in there before my shift @ the casino and he’d do the do….and he’s marvi dahlink.

    Charlie looks splendid. He looks like he really likes that therapist.

    BTW how’s your bootay?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I like the new hair, but I hope you went back and got your money back.
    The color looks great on you.
    And that’s from a guy.
    Billy Paul

  9. Haz Bien says:

    CUTE! That’s a great color.

  10. IT’s a Fantastic Sams.

    AHHHHH took me all freaking night thinking on it!

  11. Well, Merc, thanks for the advice on a hair place.

    I just wanted to say that the woman down there is my mother–if you look at the smiles it’s hard to miss!

  12. Leucantha` says:

    I thought it looked great, why pay a stylist if you can do that at home. Junior League, how fancy. ; )

  13. I’m not a member or anything–I just went as my friend’s date since her husband was working late.

  14. Swistle says:

    That looks TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL. Nice work! I don’t think you should even bother with salons, when you get such good results from a box!

  15. OH and the place is on Lapalco Blvd. DUH! I was laying in bed last night and it came to me, I almost posted @ about 12pm about it.

    I should be there last week of June first week of July-ish. I can’t wait to eat! I MUST go to Salvo’s and have all you can eat crabs crawfish and shrimp! Well and I could name about a dozen other places!

    This is a group that some of the chicks on this base just started called Spouses Helping Spouses. I went to my first meeting on Valentine’s because of course my husband was TDY and I was feeling moody. It was cool…kids ate mac-n-cheese and played we had nice apps and vino. Better than staying home alone that day.

    I can’t believe he’ll be 1 so soon! Awesome! Ask him what he wants for his birthday!!

  16. Rural Felicity says:

    I LOVE it!! Red is a great color on you. :)

  17. Very pretty!

  18. Small Town Girl says:

    Very nice color for you!!

  19. Mannyed says:

    I like it too!!

    I wonder if I can get away with being a red head…hmmm

  20. gypVery cool! πŸ˜‰

  21. luckeyfrog says:

    I LOVE it! :) That color looks both fantastic and natural.

  22. can you come and do my hair? seriously I am going out today to buy supplies and then I will be referring to your blog to copy your exact process.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The hair looks awesome!!! You look hot!!! Miss ya!!! Karla

  24. You look fabulous!!! Red really suits you! Good move!!

  25. LOVE IT!
    YOU ROCK Miss Thang…going to Junior League. Mmhmmm.

  26. Love that color. I’m tired of paying for color. Wah.

    I don’t suppose you’d share the product name and number? ;o)