Day Twenty-Two–The Hallway

What She Wore: Blue jeans; gray mary jane-type shoes; two-tone orange polo with three-quarter-length sleeves.

What She Ate: Half a roast beef sandwich and a caesar salad from this new local place that just opened up. It’s in a restored old house and it’s really cute.

I’m just going to come right out and say that hallways suck. They are the black holes of decorating. Next up on my house list is to attack that hallway–that means I have to figure out what I want to do to the thing. In college, I started decorating my hallway with plastic box frames with pictures inside. It was pretty freakin’ classy. I got those babies at Walmart and they cost about $1.50 a frame. This carried me through until I moved to Arkanasas. In Arkansas, I got all fancy and I put pictures in black frames with white mats. I had some in singles and some in triple frames.

So, here I am in the new house. I have a long, narrow hallway. On the left I’ve got an ugly brown air conditioning vent and the AC control box. On the right I’ve got an ugly brown closet. I’ve also got some crap on the floor, but it will get picked up eventually (I hope). I think they make metal spray paint so I may have to investigate that for the air conditioning vent. Anybody ever used metal spray paint? The closet trim and door will eventually get painted, so I’m just going to have to wait on that.

I know I can’t just put up the stuff I had an Arkansas on these walls–most of the pictures are kind of old, and some of them are a walk down memory lane that’s not as happy as it once was. Plus, there are no pictures of Charlie. I bought a couple of different frames with the idea that I would do a colorful montage, but I couldn’t really find enough that I liked. I like colorful, and my colors always end up being red, yellow and blue. I try new things, but I always end up back there. I bought new, larger black frames with white mats. I bought a million little copper frames that I thought I might arrange in a big rectangle. I have frames coming out of my hiney.

Do I even want to put up a bunch of pictures? I found this great picture of a wall of mirrors and I thought it looked pretty good–and different.

I also wondered about the walls. The wall on the right could be painted an accent color or I could add some faux molding. I just don’t know what I want to do.

So, what are you doing in you hallway? Have any thoughts on the wall o’pictures that’s a standard in many homes? Do you think a funky color or molding or both might be the way to go? Give me your thoughts–quite frankly, I don’t have any (or maybe I have too many).

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Two words for ya: Accent lighting!! Banished forever will be your dark and lonely hallway. Two thumbs way up for funky colors, too. A good friend of mine had one wall in her bedroom painted purple and it totally worked. Be bold lady! 😉

  2. I like the pictures…I think it really personalizes the home. I’ve heard good things about the metal spray paint–never used it myself, but I had good luck with that plastic spray paint, so I’m sure it works. I don’t have a hallway…everything’s just open at my house, so I’m not really sure I can be that helpful.

  3. Brynne Olivia says:

    SO weird that you’re doing this because I was at my friend’s house in Austin all weekend decorating her first house and tackling those hallways too. We didn’t get super creative, we just put up some white bead board on the bottom half of the wall(this stuff…)
    and then painted the top half pale yellow. Nothing fancy, but it got the job done. :)

  4. Got you with a late morning political post. 😉 It’s fun being this dorky, isn’t it?

  5. i am having problems with my hallway too… i have no other idea besides the pictures but i love the purple!!! in our old house i had painted 2 walls in our 2nd living room eggplant, i loved it!!! i agree, be bold!! (plus, if you really don’t like it you can always change it!!)

  6. Yes, yoga does give you boobies, it’s all in the posture!

    I bought that same bronze frame @ Target!!!! I put a formal pic of me and hubby in it. I did a pic thing up my stairs brown and black and alternating 8 x 10 long wise and 2- 5 x 7’s sidewise all the way up the stairs I’ll take a pic of it for you.

    I would do that vent the same color as the wall with spray enamel or something…

    Yeah, as for the “wish list” I’m trying to get them to let me to get a bulletin board for my committee.

    Yes the poor baby and the fever, of course this is my third kid by now so…eh…freaky…but normal.


  7. i would go for some fancy (crown?) molding and maybe go ultra classy and put up art work! Someone mentioned accent lighting…well, you could put little lights above the art work and it can be your own personal gallery, Just a thought.

  8. Hey girl… I agree… I haven’t done a thing to our hallway! I was going to do a “wall” of pictures, but since we are going to sell I thought I would wait until we moved so I didn’t have to put a bunch of holes in the wall.

    Big Hugs to you!

  9. I don’t really know much about decorating hallways, I am excited to see what you do. I love the rest of the house pictures. As far as metal spray paint goes. I have used the ones that give a textured, like hammered or cast iron and really like the way they work. Plus the “pattern” that the spray paint is forgiving if you aren’t the most skilled spray painter.

  10. barnyardmama says:

    I would LU-HUV to have an art gallery in my hallway. LOVE IT! But, unless I hit the jackpot or something than that’s not really reasonable in the next few months or maybe even years. Long term, though, I’m totally thinking gallery.

  11. I also have a long hallway in my house that goes from the doorway, past the kitchen to the living room.

    I painted one side of it in large 19″ squares of beige, pink/brown and white. The other side is painted beige. I had a big-ass closet door in the middle of the wall painted a plain beige so I painted it the same colour as the wall. When it is closed, it blends in and you can barely notice the closet. At the end wall (ie when looking down the hallway), I hung a large box picture frame of some textiles that I brought back from Guatemala centered nicely in my painted squares.

    I don’t have any other pictures hung. I think the squares add the interest and I don’t need anything else. Take a look at my site if you are interested. I don’t have pics of the hallway but the dining room was painted with the same squares.

  12. Oh, if it were all up to me to decorate my hallways…
    I’m all for the color–the brighter the better as far as I’m concerned.

  13. And yeah, there is metal spray paint; you can get it at lowe’s or probably walmart, and it works well–take the vent outside and wash it and hose it down really good, then dry it really good…you might want to get some primer too because paint alone will chip, especially somewhere high traffic like a hallway…

  14. the last time we debated between metal spray paint and powder coating, we chose the powder coating. It’s really not that expensive and it’ll look brand new.

    hmmmm…the hallways, well, i’ve seen lots of neat stuff. you could pick up items you think look funky and put them in frames, real ones. Or frames with big huge white mats and small little photos in the middle. I like that because it looks clean. Definitely not shelves.

  15. Well, it doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy Monet’s on your wall, maybe local artisans. But yea, I guess that could get a bit pricey. True, true.

  16. Small Town Girl says:

    I’m a lover of the mirrors for the hallway! You don’t really hang around too long in a hallway to look at pictures anyway. At a restaurant we ate at in New Orleans they had antique mirrors covering one wall that I really liked. The mirrors were sometimes cloudy (like the old ones get) and some normal, but I just thought it looked cool.