Adventures in Pop Culture

What She Wore: Uhhhhh. . . running pants, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. AGAIN! I’m trying to exercise a little, so that’s why I’m wearing grubbies so often.

What She Ate: Actually, not much. The Hub is bringing home fixins for turkey sandwiches, but there isn’t much in the house.

I didn’t realize I was being so controversial, but I’ve had two family members bring it up, so I thought I’d share it with the Internet.

The Hub and I have decided not to get cable. We’ve gone about three months without it, and we’re not really missing it all that much. Instead, we’ve decided to get a Netflix account. That’s about thirty dollars cheaper than basic cable, and about sixty dollars cheaper than the plan we had in Arkansas that had a couple of movie channels.

So far, I’m having a blast. I love to watch TV shows on DVD, so I decided to rent a show I had never seen before, but that I’d heard a lot about: Dawson’s Creek. I know, I know, cheesey teen drama and all that, but I like cheesey teen drama. Plus, some pretty big-name actors and actresses came off of that show, so I thought I’d check it out. So far, I’ve watched the first season and it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t LOVE it the way I do Sex and the City or Friends, but it’s a nice distraction and interesting enough. Now that I think of it, Friends best season was five (IMO), and SATC really got better each year, so maybe The Creek will get better.

The best part, however, is how I am completely corrupting my husband. My husband hates pop culture, listens to NPR, likes to read non-fiction and watch independent movies. He spends his spare time reading Libertarian political commentary. He can’t stand it when I read celebrity gossip. But. . . the other day I came home and caught him watching an episode of Dawson’s Creek. I’m not saying he enjoyed it, but it was the only thing in the house, so he started watching it. Hilarious. Next up, we’re going to do a couple of Sundance movies, and then on to season two of The Creek.

So, are we crazy, because I’m fine with this, but my brother’s girlfriend called it an abomination. Are we off our rockers?

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  1. Whatever works for you–at least there’s no commercials!

  2. I’m with Jenn, whatever works for you. But do you seriously have NO TV…like, not even rabbit ears to get the main few channels?

  3. We have NetFlix and DirectTV. I don’t think my hubby could survive without news from Peru. They have stuff like 60 minutes on SurPeru for most of Saturday and Sunday so he is in heaven when he isn’t working.

    I like watching movies (and so does he) so we get NetFlix so we don’t have to depend on the TV channels to give us the movies we want.

    But I think that NetFlix is perfect. You get to see the shows and movies you want without worrying about all the other crap on the other channels that you probably don’t want to watch anyways.

  4. Sometimes we all need a lil escape from reality. I liked Dawson’s Creek.

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    No but….I think about all the shows that I would miss if I didn’t have the Satellite. Dirty jobs, Project Runway, Wrestlin’…I can’t get those shows on DVD!

  6. barnyardmama says:

    We’re going to get some rabbit ears, but I bet we don’t use them very much. We are a little worried about sporting events, but we figure we’ll either go over to someone’s house or go to Chili’s if it doesn’t come on basic cable.

    Seriously, if you go three months without any of your favorite shows, you stop missing them.

  7. LOL! Too funny! I love that you caught him watching The Creek!

    Whatever works, honey.

  8. fertylemyrtle says:

    My hub is currently a poor grad student. At one point we couldn’t afford cable. He worked part-time at the local library & brought home all kinds of stuff – documentaries, BBC, etc. It was really great. The only thing I missed was the Weather Channel. The kids were little & were happy with Disney movies (I was, too). If you have never watched Upstairs/Downstairs, I highly recommend it:) I’d be happy without cable still, except we sprang for the high-speed internet for the hub.

  9. I have the really fancy HD cable but I can go days and days and days without ever turning the TV on. My brother doesn’t have TV and I have other friends who don’t have TV. I discovered Weeds through Netflix…although I think I only actually watched maybe 2 episodes. You reminded me I should have them send that again!

  10. Small Town Girl says:

    Mom and I get Netflix, too. She pays for it and gives me the movies when she’s done. It’s fun to be able to see movies and such that you wouldn’t normally see. I’d go crazy without TV, though. But then I live alone and don’t have anyone else to occupy my time either.

  11. Go Charlie! And yay for Netflix! We did that but I couldn’t even make time for a couple of movies a month for me. The kids loved it, but after awhile it seemed like a waste. The library has been a great alternate source.

    Thanks for the Manapol tip. Where do you find it?

  12. I did exactly that for a year and had no problems… the only thing I really missed was watching HGTV on saturday afternoons. I get cable now, but only because they reduced the price of basic. I only pay $16 a month.

  13. My boyfriend’s apartment decided that the three of them really didn’t watch enough TV to merit cable– and so they don’t have TV at all. They have a TV, but they just use it for DVD’s and video games. They’ve been fine with that, especially since they have a decent amount of movies. When we want to watch football or something, he generally comes over to my place.

    My boyfriend and I also got a Netflix subscription. We’ve had it for probably a year now, and I love it. We basically spend as much as one trip to the movies with popcorn and drinks to get a whole month’s worth of movies. We have a two-at-a-time plan, so we usually have one movie and one TV DVD, because we love watching things together and it’s a great deal. Plus, for awhile neither of us had a car, so the mailing system was really convenient.

    Especially in college, not having TV surprises people– but it’s whatever works for you, really.

    I was never a huge fan of Dawson’s Creek, but if you need suggestions of other shows to check out, feel free to ask. :)

  14. barnyardmama says:

    I didn’t watch TV in college until my Junior year. When I lived in the dorms there was too much fun going on around me to stay inside and watch TV

  15. HAHAHA… I have to admit I watched the whole series on syndication while in grad school. The middle seasons are the best.

  16. Leucantha` says:

    Last summer I went without and didn’t really miss it. We watched videos and what not. My husband likes sports way too much and he can’t stand to be without.

    I don’t think you are a freak at all.

  17. Freak!!!

    Two words “The Office”.

  18. barnyardmama says:

    Gawd. If one more person tells me to watch The Office. It is definitely an obession.