Proof that God Wants Me to Blog More

What She Wore: striped pajama pants, blue t-shirt, bare feet.

Well, we got a call from Charlie’s nuero today and things are not as good as we’d hoped. She is VERY concerned about his EEG results. She agrees with me that he looks great, but she’s concerned that his seizures may affect future development.

So. . . she has prescribed some heavy-duty meds for ole Charlie. They will compromise his immune system which means he’ll be on house-arrest for four weeks starting Sunday. Four weeks when I can’t leave the house for ten hours a day (at least). Can we say “Mommy needs a drink now?”

Prayers are in order if you’re the type–we need a good EEG and no illness while he’s on the medication. He’s come this far–why not a little more?

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  1. Nadine Hightower says:

    I would rush a Rum and Coke over…but I’m on the wagon.

    so I guess good vibs is all I can do.

    Baby steps!! And lots of big hugs!!

  2. Aww poor Charlie being put on house arrest. And poor Mommy!! I hope your family helps you out and from the sounds of them so far, I am sure they will. I will be thinking of little Charlie!

  3. Small Town Girl says:

    He’ll keep being the amazing little person he is. I’m praying for you guys!

    Since you can’t leave, this is the perfect opportunity for you to help me out with my vacation plans! I sent you an e-mail yesterday asking for some advice on New Orleans. :)

  4. you guys are in my thoughts…and as for the drinks…if you do have one….have a one for me…

    *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

  5. Oh girl! I am so sorry. I am currently on house arrest myself…my Emma broke out with chicken pox today. :-( She had the vaccine, so hopefully it will be a mild outbreak. We’ll see.

    Hang in there hon. Prayers and hugs and a cyber bottle of merlot headed your way.

  6. Hey Katy,

    I continue to pray for baby Charlie! I also pray for your sanity! I remember when Baylee first came home we couldn’t really take her anywhere for a couple of months because she was so little. Hang in there… you will make it! And, if you need a few drinks to get you by I say go for it! :)

    Big Hugs – Tiffany

  7. Katy,

    I am sorry that Charly has to go through this, but better to treat him now and try to get a handle on these before they get worse. You know I have been where you are and wish you weren’t. If you need an ear, let me know, hopefully you still have my email address.

  8. Make sure the hub leaves you some Rum! 😉 I’ll light a candle for ya.

  9. Well, better stockpile the liquor cabinet–and fill up that toychest for your little tough guy; mommy’s not the only one who might get bored! You always have us people to blog to. ~Toni

  10. Time to paint that chair and write that book!

    Oh and tell the hubby where the drive through daiquiri shops are!!! They used to have this one called “The Kitchen Sink”, it would lift your spirits…or erm…you would be drinking spirits lots of spirits?

    Like you said, Charlie has gotten this far, why not further? Go Charlie. Go.


  11. I will have two with you!

    I pray that God gives you oodles of strength, because I know that I would be cracking at the seams right about now ! Fever freaks me out I couldn’t deal with seizures.

    Sorry that I haven’t been as diligent with my visits . Charlie is so cute!! He is looking more and more gorgeous with each day!

    You know he is going to pass those test and the month will pass by in no time!

    So you are gearing up for Mardi Gras! I am actually getting ready for Carnival in Trinidad which happens the same time as you guys Mardi Gras! I so need the break!

    Keeping you in my prayers

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll have a glass of wine in your (and Charlie’s!) honor. Stay positive. *hugs*

  13. The other Vanda says:

    {{{{Hugs}}}} to you both from across the pond. No germs that way for Charlie:-)

    Keeping you both in my thoughts.

  14. Just got your comment…well that’s the thing is we are NOT on good terms! It’s going to be awkward x10! I’m sitting here trying to come up with an excuse to back out of the whole thing :)

  15. Small Town Girl says:

    Yeah, I really hope it’s nice when we’re down there! I can’t imagine using the AC in my car right now–it’s pre-air conditioned when I get in to the tune of -10! Little too chilly!