Day Seven (of Twenty-Eight)

What She Wore: jeans; tennis shoes; gray LSU hoodie.

Well, we’ve survived exactly one week of house arrest. We do really exciting things like cruise the neighborhood in our stroller (no germy people around), ride in the car with no destination, kick our play mat, and tummy time. This is the life.

I’m kidding, but I haven’t gone nuts yet, and that’s a good sign.

Meanwhile, the strike continues. We are just B-A-R-E-L-Y getting enough liquids, so I did what any good mom with too much time on her hands and Internet access does–I googled Charlie’s new medicine. One of the side-effects? Upset stomach. He’s been really burpy (I’m not sure that’s a word) too, so I’ve put in a call and maybe we’ll be getting some zantac or something. While I wait, we’ve been experimenting with various cups.

I’ve taken to just squirting his medicine in his mouth. He doesn’t really mind the taste–the pharmacy makes everything for kids taste like sugar and cherries. Not my favorite flavor, but way better than the actual taste.

Enjoy the weekend.

PS: After spell-checking this thing, I find that I like taking real words and tacking “y” or “ie” on the end to create made-up words. According to google, “burpy,” “hoodie,” and “germy” aren’t words. You know what I meant, right?

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  1. Poor Charlie, it really does taste nasty, and does a number on the tum. Make sure that you keep an eye on that, because it might cause some reflux like symptoms, or it did in A. He takes zantac 150 every day and it helps with the excess acid/upset that he gets from his seizure medicines now. I hope that things settle out for you soon.


  2. I know what you meant! But then again, my favorite words are made up: like craptastic.

    Thank goodnes for Google, huh? Now maybe you’ll get a quicker solution for Charlie.
    What did we do befoe Google?

  3. Hi, I read about Charlie barely taking liquids and well . . . here is what we did for our daughter. Thickened the liquid with just a little cereal, I’m not sure this is necessary, but they said the texture helps them know something is there. Then we fed her by spoon and if she didn’t swallow we pressed on the back middle part of the tongue. We learned this from the therapist and it saved her from a feeding tube. Also if he spits up, before he does, make sure his head is not turned up, and if this doesn’t work try to press his upper lip against his gums and down a bit, like he was going to sneeze. It stops the gag reflex. Hope this helps.

  4. From one word-maker-upper to another…I totally knew what you meant!

    I think Charlie is on strike because he is rebelling against house arrest. I mean, really, who wouldn’t.

    Hang in there, girly.