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Home at Last

Well, we’re home.

I have to say that it wasn’t too bad as far as hospital visits go. I watched DVDs and sketched a little and it’s hard to complain too much about that. My only complaint would be that I had to have people bring me food because I couldn’t leave Charlie while he was there. It could definitely be worse. Mostly, we just hung out while he got fluids pumped into him.

Charlie caught something called herpangina. Basically, it’s a virus that causes sores in the mouth and in his case it also caused some serious, exorcist-style vomiting. Apparently, it’s a common childhood illness and doesn’t appear to be related to his other issues. He’s doing fine now after charming all the nurses and getting tons of attention. He still has the sores in his mouth, but they are healing and don’t seem to be bothering him very much. I’m eager to get to work on some art projects and thrilled to be home. I’ve even come up with some ideas for blog posts!


So, Charlie’s in the hospital. He started feeling bad day before yesterday and we brought him to the emergency room at about six a.m. yesterday morning. We were there for almost the entire day before they decided to admit us.

It’s not his shunt or an infection, so we’re operating on the assumption that it’s a virus. He threw up a ton yesterday, but seems better today. He won’t eat or drink, though, so he’s getting IV fluids. I HOPE we’ll be home by tomorrow, but I’m not really sure. I’ll update when we get home.


Well, I can’t leave that post up any longer, so I guess I better write something!

Christmas was good. My favorite part was Charlie crawling around on the floor trying to get to different things that interested him. I realize that it’s about a year behind schedule, but I love it when he does regular kid stuff.

The hubby and I have been visiting our brains out, and honestly, I’m tired of visiting. Scratch that–I love visiting, but I miss my house and my regular schedule.

I have plenty of news, but the longer you wait to post the harder it is to come up with something coherent.

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