Little Moments

What She Wore: Two-tone purple striped tee with three-quarter length sleeves and a scoop neck; blue jeans; tennis shoes.

Well, we took my mom home today. Without pain medicine, she’s basically her old self. She’s got an incision running straight down the middle of her chest with a little T at the bottom of it. Everything is tough and she can’t lift, push or pull. As soon as she got home she wanted a shower. I stood guard while she did it and then helped her get dressed.

Afterwards, she wanted me to blow-dry her hair. Anyone who knows me will know that this is a dangerous proposition. I’ve got a curly mop from Hades that I’ve never been able to do anything with. Most days, fixing my hair consists of washing it. On rare occasions I’ll blow dry it, but even then there’s a lot of curl and if I’m being honest, a fair amount of frizz. All through high school my mother would patiently dry my hair straight on Friday nights so I could go out with a perfect “do.” Once I hit college I realized that I sucked too much to have anything but curly hair. So, I was a little nervous about doing anything for my mom in this arena. She said she didn’t care what it looked like–she just wanted it dry. So, I went ahead and brushed and blow-dryed it. I don’t think I’ve ever done something like that before in my life. I am literally hair-impaired.

It was nice. Taking care of someone else for little bit, making things slightly better than they were. A pleasant little moment stuck in the middle of a normal day.

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  1. Oh Katie I am hair impaired too! I blamed my Mom because she always made my hair so beautiful. I have very fine hair and in old age it sucks! Glad your Mom is doing well. I meant to tell you my daughter who works with the special needs kids was playing tic tac toe with one of the kids. She won and he smacked her to the ground. It freaked her out a little but she jumped back on the horse the next day. Charlie sure is getting big. Such a beautiful baby.

  2. Nadine Hightower says:

    I’m sure she loved what ever you did!

    Just take good care of her!

  3. Leucantha` says:

    That was sweet, I can relate. I have a curly mob too. Luckily my mom asks my sister mostly, but someday she might be desperate enough to ask me. LOL.

  4. The other Vanda says:

    Really glad your mum is home and doing well.

  5. Katy-
    Glad your mom is home and more herself.
    It must have been a nice moment for you and your mom. To return the favor after all the times she did it for you.
    Praying for a continued smooth and speedy recovery.

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    I’m glad to hear your mom is doing well and getting back to her normal self, even if she can’t do anything physical.

    The hair thing reminds me of when I was a little kid. I’d just love to brush my mom’s hair and “fix” it. Yeah it looked scary. It was a great pasttime though, something I’ll always remember. I also remember my dad sitting there and laughing at us! :)

  7. You mean I’m NOT the only hair-impaired girl out there??? Whoohoo!!!!!

    Happy to hear about your Mom’s fantastic recovery!

  8. tonimcclung says:

    Nothing wrong with curly hair…mine used to be a lot like yours until after I had Mia–then it just changed. I used to wish and wish for straight hair but now, I’d give anything to have my curls back.
    I’m so glad your mom is out of the hospital. How sweet of you to fix her hair! Is it weird being the one to take care of her rather than vice versa?
    Glad to see you got out of the black strappy shoes–those red ones are totally cute.