Day Five

What She Wore: Early on I was wearing wide-leg blue jean capris; a black pin-tucked, short-sleeve tee with a modified mandarin collar (I had to look that one up), and black and white houndshooth flats. Later I put on yoga pants and a t-shirt–I have to be comfy on the road.

I’m tired, so I’ll keep this short, and tomorrow I’ll probably post something long because I’ve got a lot of crap swirling around in my head, and it won’t leave me alone until I write it down.

Driving from Arkansas to Louisiana, you cut through Mississippi. Somewhere along the way is a sign that reads:
Miss. Juvenile Rehab Facility.

Am I the only person who reads that and immediately pictures a girl in a sparkly pink dress wearing and tiara and a sash?

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  1. I can’t say that my first thought was of a pink tiara and sash, but after reading your comment, yes, I re-read the wording and can see it…but does it clash with their juvie uniform??

  2. LOL. Wish I coulda been Miss Juvenile Rehab Facility…wonder how my life would have been different.

    Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend.

  3. Small Town Girl says:

    Funny. I’m always laughing at weird things I see when I’m driving. Usually I’m by myself, so I never know for sure if I’m imagining it or if it really was there!

  4. *giggle*
    Veeeeeeeery interesting!
    God bless :)

  5. LOL, that was my first thought!

    You know, I’m such a loser, I didn’t even look at what was next to Google/blogger. It’s baby brain I guess.

  6. I can just imagine the pagaent and contestants that go with it!!!

    Nice new digs hon!


  7. Haha, ya that is a funny sign. Hope you had a good trip home!

  8. Groovy place…blogging 30 days in a row though? Heck no.

    The ab cd is working, YAY!

    How were the kids in AK? I bet they were happy to see you.

  9. No, that’s totally what I saw in my head.

  10. You know, I can see it and it does make me giggle, but sad at the same time, and of course you do know why.

    Hey they hubs is going to pick up some photos that I had to get developed, hopefully there is something there to put on the ole blog this evening!

    How’s Charlie doing on the road trip? How are you?

  11. Gina (Mannyed) says:

    Nope! I did! I pictured a sash over bright orange prison garb.