Day Twenty-Six

What She Wore: faded Levis; grey t-shirt; tennis shoes; Tulane sweatshirt. I borrowed the sweatshirt from my dad and I got more crap for that thing–got to get one of my LSU ones out of a box quick!

Well, I’m in box heaven now. It took the movers four hours. The police ended up blocking off the street since I live on one of the busy streets in my small town. I’m like a movie star or something–gotta have a police escort to move in!

I’ve got about five thousand ideas for sprucing up the place, but I’m going to have to get some focus–which project do I want to do first? The budget is tight since I’m not earning any money right now, so I’ve got to think smart. What to do first?

I know some people have asked for pictures and as soon as I get a new battery for my camera I’ll put some up. Sorry I’m writing so little these days–this blogging every day thing is tough when you’re moving.

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  1. Hi K – Try it’s an organizational website that might give you some ideas.

  2. Small Town Girl says:

    How fun! This is the exciting part–getting in there and making it your own. Home sprucing takes time, even though you’ll probably want it all done at one time (I know I did). I just finally got my spare room redone and I’ve lived at my place for two years!

  3. I ALWAYS go for the kitchen first…when it’s done I feel like it’s a home. Unless the bathroom is yucky, “shiver”.

    Then on the other hand, the living room if you don’t cook that much…

    Remember any boxes not unpacked after a year can be tossed! How’s Charlie taking all the hullabaloo?

  4. I hope unpacking goes well!

    It IS hard to decide what project to do first, I have so much I need/want to do and I can’t ever figure out which I should do first.

  5. I’m with Leighann…Flylady is amazing…though I’m currently off the ‘fly wagon’…need to get back on. When I’m on though, I feel less stressed, more in control, just feel like I’m doing my job.

    But for me, KITCHEN must be functional, then everything else will just come together when it comes together. Usually, I do the kitchen and then the kids’ rooms. They need to feel some normalcy…but Charlie is too little for that. Just do a little every day. It will get done…eventually. :-)

    I can’t believe you are managing to blog in the midst of all this!! I’m SO impressed! You are like superwoman or something. LOL