Day Twelve

What She Wore: Gray running pants, blue t-shirt with a flower pattern, tennis shoes.

The baby has the stomach flu.

[Please insert a disgusting story about baby poop here.]

Today was supposed to be a well-visit, but instead it became a sick visit. Our pediatrician is also Charlie’s special needs doc, and he seemed pretty pleased with how Charlie is doing. For those of you who don’t know, the most common reaction to brain injury is physical–imagine someone you know who’s had a stroke. Now imagine that happening to a baby. Overall, Charlie is stiff, but not too stiff. We’ll know more as he gets older.

I’ve also begun plotting to start fixing up my new home. I’m lucky in that the old owner kept it in wonderful shape. It is still almost twenty years old, though, so I’m going to working on cosmetic stuff. First, I’m going to peel wallpaper, and then paint. I like a colorful home. After that, I don’t know. All the trim is wood and I prefer white, so I suspect that will end up somewhere on the list. Ahhhh. . . the joys of homeownership.

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  1. Hope Charlie gets better soon.

    Have fun peeling wallpaper, that is one of my least favorite things to do!!! I like painting, but, taking wallpaper off? Pain in the butt!!! But I know it’s all still fun in a way since it’s your house. And I like a colorful house too, I usually have every room a different color, except the extra bedrooms/office which I just keep a neutral color.

  2. OOO decorating your new home…the one thing that can be the most fun or the most aggrivating project you’ve ever undertaken, especially if your husband thinks his opinion should count for something. Have a good time!
    Is Charlie feeling any better today? I’m as miserable as my kids are when they get sick–so stomach flu? I can imagine.
    The baby naming entry was great. For us that task also falls into the most fun/or most aggrivating catergory. I’m so checking out the Baby Name Wizard.

  3. Small Town Girl says:

    Taking wallpaper off is not a fun job. Make sure you have your spray bottle ready! Painting is fun, picking colors is the best part. It might not be as fun with a baby to take care of, though. 😉

    I hope your boy gets back to his normal self soon. Being sick is no fun at all!

  4. Oh Poor Charlie! Being sick is the worst! I hope he gets over it real fast!

    Good luck on redecorating! That’s probably the best part apart home ownership!