Day Thirty

What She Wore: grey t-shirt from a school where I used to teach; blue jeans; tennis shoes. Motherhood is SO glamorous.

I’ll be brief today. My mother had open-heart surgery and I’m off to see her in the hospital. I’ll just ask a little question. My uncle wants to go see the medium/masseuse. He wants to know if any dead people will appear while he’s on the table. We all took bets as to which dead person might show up. How about you? If you went to the medium/masseuse, is there someone you think might show up? I like to think my grandma might pay me a visit, but who knows. . .

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  1. Wow, I would like to see my Mom, my Dad and my sister. I miss them like crazy.

  2. I have never done that so I would not know. I hope that your mom is doing well. Please update when you can. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Take care.

  3. I would hope that my Dad and/or my Grandma would show up.

    Hope all is well with your mom, let us know.


  4. Speaking of motherhood being so darn glamorous, I now consider baby puke and accessory!

    I’m thinking on taking the kids to see “Enchanted” I think this will be poofy enough that I won’t be upset by the end of it…lol.

    I’ll be thinking of your mom. Good luck.

    I think my great grandmother that knew I was a girl and died before I was born would come. I always felt I had a connection with her listening to stories about her.

    How is the masseuse doing? Does Charlie like her?

    Today I want a Spur station oyster po-boy dressed with hot sauce from the one one Terry Parkway on the west bank….YUM!

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    My dad! I hope your mother is doing well.

  6. Hmmm, probably my Granddaddy. Hope your mom is recovering well.

  7. First, I’m glad to see your mom pulled through and is already home.

    Second, I’m not sure who would show up, but I’m hoping it would be my dad. That’d be the first person I’d channel, as I think about him the most.