Day Seventeen

What She Wore: black, draw-string capris; white tee that reads, “San Francisco, California”; I don’t know what shoes, but I can bet I’ll end up wearing those stupid black strappy sandals again.

I don’t have much to say, so I’ll answer a question that Antonella asked. She asked if the stretches we do with Charlie will reduce his tightness. It’s a good question. For the most part, the stretches are to try to prevent further tightness. Right now, I am seeing some reduction in the tightness, but I think that’s mainly since we’ve never really stretched him much before. Unfortunately, as Charlie gets older, and grows, those hamstrings will likely get tighter and tighter. That’s why an oral muscle relaxer will probably come into play or maybe a shot of botox when he gets older. Many kids with cerebral palsy are “toe-walkers,” and it takes braces and/or physical therapy to get them to walk correctly.

At this time, we are very fortunate–our main issue is hamstrings. There is some extremely mild involvement in his groin and triceps. So little, however, that the doctor doesn’t even think stretching is needed. As for what the future holds, who knows, but we try to stay hopeful. Doctor after doctor have commented on how good he looks, and I can’t help but think that that’s worth something.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question Katy. When I was working at physical therapy I actually worked with 2 kids who were toe walkers. I don’t remember the reason for it though. But I do remember that after some really easy exercises, they saw big improvements.

    I have another question for you(then I promise, I’ll stop). How did they find that he has tight hamstrings, I mean, he’s still so little. Can he not straighten out his legs?

  2. I think it counts for a lot that the Doctors seem happy with him.