Day Seven

What She Wore: Blue jeans, black hoodie with a pink Fleur de lis on the sleeves, tennis shoes.

I went on my playdate today. I had a great time, but it did leave me feeling sad. The other girl’s baby was a fire cracker–staring at you with her big blue eyes. Charlie has a ways to go. He improves day to day, but his lousy vision really keeps you from feeling like he’s present. He’ll smile at a cell phone ring, but doesn’t glance your way when you call his name. He doesn’t pick up toys, but I think there’s little incentive when they’re hard to see. It’s difficult when you don’t have anything you can DO. I just have to wait and see how he develops–slowly but surely is my hope.

Who knew a playdate could be so hard?

I’ll do it again, though. Life may slow down, but it doesn’t have to stop.

Oh, and I did grab the chair. I’ll take a “before” picture, and an “after” once I’ve got it spruced up.

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  1. Yay for the play date! Glad you had a good time. I’m sure it’s tough, though. Retro chairs are fun. I bet it’ll look super cool!

  2. You know, I know how you feel. All in good time Katy, all in good time. That little guy is going to astound you, you just wait and see!

  3. I think play dates can be difficult regardless of age or circumstance. There is always (at least for me) this feeling of whether or not my child was like everyone else at her age, I think it is just the mother is us. It may be difficult right now, but as you said he is making progress and that is always good. He might never be exactly like everyone else, but you will see how things change and how he begins to grow and those are the really simple pleasures in life.

    Hang in there, your doing great!

  4. Glad you went to and enjoyed the playdate, even though it was a little hard for you, I’m sure it was great for Charlie, I’m no expert but I suspect it’s a good thing to have him around other kids, even at this age.

  5. Nadine Hightower says:

    Don’t sweat the long post! Blogging is great therapy, I truly believe it.
    A lot of people will give you advice….well meaning advice…Take it with a grain of salt….and some will condemn you for your feelings and thoughts but somethings you just gotta get it out!! Crap in your head just clogs up the thinking process.

    Don’t be hard on yourself. And do not give up on your dreams. You have a great support team both in the real world and in the blog world…all of us are here for you.

    Charlie has made great strides….and there will be many more playdates! The more interaction the better!


  6. Heya Katy,

    I remember when I’d visit my half sisters for the summer every year. I would be so freaking green with envy over the life they had. Their mother was not sick. But then one day…some where in my late 20’s I realized I really liked myself, and did not want to be my sisters. Perhaps this whole thing is going to take time, time for the mile stones, times for the memories, time for growth.

    Oh AND New Orleansland is the best place to garbage dig dude!!!!! I think the chair should be black with those contemporary circles in huge colors like bright red and lime green.

  7. Well good for you for both things–getting out and going on that playdate (the first time is always the hardest), and snagging that chair! I can’t wait to see what you do to it. I never find anything cool in Oklahoma, just old side tables with woodburned images of bass or deer…

  8. Small Town Girl says:

    I’m glad you went to a playdate. I think it’s important for you and Charlie to be around other parents/kids, even if things are different with you than others. Slow but sure is good!

  9. Hiya, KM. I’ve been conspicuously absent for about a week, so I just caught up on your goings-on.

    First, your chair is adorable. I SO wish I could recover/refinish/rejuvenate furniture, and am so envious of anyone who can. I *might* be able to do it, but I’m such a huge procrastinator that it would sit around, untouched, until I ended up throwing it out. Sad, huh?

    I’m glad you’re going on playdates. Even if Charlie isn’t where you’d like him to be developmentally, being around aother children will be good for him, and being around other moms will be good for you. Things will get better and easier with time.

    Are Charlie’s vision problems correctable with lenses?

    I hope you have a fabulous day!

  10. I second what Becca says. Now remember he is young. Also playdates are rough all around.

    Hugs to you and Charlie the Strong!

  11. Good for you for getting the chair.
    AND good for you for going on the playdate. You just wait…Charlie is going to blow them all away. Prepare to be amazed!! Hang in there, hon!

  12. I agree with Kel…even kids who came into this world without all of Charlies adventures are developmentally very different…others walk at a year
    others at 18 months…others talk at 9 months ..others at 3!! And no offense to the mothers with boys, but I think boys tend to be a little more laid back (slower he, he) then girls don’t be’ll all come together sooner or later..and I love the chair btw…