Day Fourteen

What She Wore: Yellow polo with purple stripes, blue jean capris, those damn strappy black sandals. I can’t wait till tomorrow because I know I’ll be wearing some different shoes!
Well, I guess God doesn’t like to let you wallow for too long. Today, we had a wonderful appointment with an opthamologist. As I’ve mentioned here often, Charlie has lousy vision. I went to a very fancy doctor–a nuero-opthamologist, and she left me with more questions than answers, and wanted to order a battery of tests that I wasn’t really interested in. So, my dad met a pediatric opthamologist on the tennis courts, and we decided to go talk to him, and see what he said.
Basically, the news was all good–even better than I hoped. He sees no problems with Charlie’s optic nerve, and doesn’t think that there’s any problem with his eyes getting the message to his optic cortex. He has, however, experienced vision loss on one side due to the hemmorage in his brain. Like this:

He does not feel that this is a big deal, though. He thinks Charlie can see and focus, and shows none of the warning signs of a person with low vision. He sees no need for surgery or patching at this time, and just wants to see how Charlie’s vision develops naturally. He said that there’s no promise of perfect vision (I was SO past that dream), but he considers things “promising.” This is coming from a person who has developed a repuation as someone who can estimate “visual prognosis.” So, I’m pleased.
On top of that, Charlie has now rolled from his stomach to his back twice. I’m not sure he could do it again, but it’s a good sign that he can do it at all.
Take that!
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  1. I had that same costume for one of mine when they were little. How precious.

    I am so glad to hear the good news. God is good!


  2. momto3kidz says:

    I know 4 high school students with cerebral palsy. Two of them are on my caseload. All four of them have normal intelligence, walk without assistance (clumsily, but they walk) and show every sign of being able to work to support themselves as adults. I often wonder what their doctors thought their conditions would be at this age. Charlie is sure to meet his maximum potential because he has parents who will advocate for him and dream big. Chances are, you will be the pain in the butt parent that I am today as I advocate for my son at his school. I am so glad that you have good news to share. God is with you on your journey.

  3. Promising…I think I like the way that sounds. It’s not often that I hear someone refer to something as “promising.” More often than not everyone I meet seems to have a more pessamestic attitude about everything so I think it’s nice to hear someone with a more “promising” story. It sounds like Charlie is making progress and every little step is one more he didn’t have before!

  4. Love the pic, so cute!

    That’s great about the doctor, glad you found a vision doctor you can trust.

    And lol about the Shane thing, see I shoulda just listened to you and wouldn’t have wasted my time with it!

  5. Yay! Go Chalrie!

  6. I mea… “Go CHARLIE!”

  7. Nadine Hightower says:

    See!! A much more hopeful outlook.

    Hang in there, Baby!

  8. Charlie is so awesome. He worries the heck out of you one day, the next day he has you celebrate. And PS The Nymbler is pretty frickin sweet. You like Lucy, huh? It’s because you have great taste.

  9. Great costume and awesome news! Keep up the great attitude and you are a wonderful mom!

    p.s. new pictures of A today…

  10. Charlie is adorable as usual. He is so lucky to have two wonderful parents. The job decorating sounds like a lot of fun, so does going to the Elementary School. Are you going to tell us about your trip home to Arkansas and how the kids liked seeing you again at your old school. We would all love to hear, since you are such an awesome teacher with so much dedication.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  11. Thank you for your blog. It is important and it makes the internet and the blogosphere so great. I am so grateful to see progress on Charlie’s part.

  12. I LOVE peapod costumes (rivaled only by the cute chili pepper costume I saw at Halloween at Albertson’s)! Charlie is SOOO cute! I’m happy to hear about the vision, and I’m glad you got a second opinion. With matters this serious, its always good to see what other professionals say!

  13. Wonderful!!!!
    I have learnt that if they do it once IT WILL happen again. My son rolled over and back in a temper when he was about two months and never did again until he was like 4 months or there abouts. So excited :)