What She Wore: I’m in my pj’s now–purple LSU t-shirt, gray running pants.

Sometimes, dealing with medical personnel is just annoying.

Bino requires his liquids to be thickened. This is because he was ventilated for two weeks following birth, and this killed some of the reflex that protects the lungs when we swallow. Thickening his milk prevents him from aspirating and possibly choking or getting pneumonia. Every kid we knew who left the Cardiac unit needed some type of thickener in their milk.

Since we changed insurance companies, the medical supply company has been telling us that our new company will not cover thickener (this nasty goo called Simply Thick). Now, my benefits packet tells me that it will be covered since we’re under doctor’s orders to use the stuff (not to mention we’re possibly preventing his death or hospitalization here). The Med Rep keeps saying that it’s an “additive” and we keep telling her that it’s medically necessary. It’s as if she’s unable to hear the words, “he failed a swallow study.” We’ve told her ad nauseum to just mail us the thickener. If our insurance fails to pay, we’ll do so with a smile because we know our son needs it till he’s at least six months.

Today, she called to say that she would not be shipping our much needed thickener since our insurance company doesn’t cover it.

That sound you hear is me shouting in frustration. Listen carefully, you can hear it: GIVE. ME. THE. THICKENER.

Like an old-fashioned movie: For the love of God, good woman, just give me the thickener.

Like a 1980’s drug lord: You got the stuff?

A la Quentin Tarantino: Give me the mutherhuffin stuff! You hear me mutherhuffer?

I have, perhaps, thought about this a bit too much. There was, maybe, too much caffeine with dinner.

Since Elaine valiently went to bat for us, and was shot down–wait, that never happened–Since we are currently without thickener, tomorrow, bright and early, the Hub will be calling up our insurance company trying to figure out what we have to do to get this goo sent out to our house. We will pay out of pocket if necessary–we’d just rather not if it’s covered. Meanwhile, we’re throwing rice cereal in his bottles which does NOT agree with his little tummy, and praying that we’re putting enough in there, so that the stuff doesn’t run into his lungs.

Freakin’ ridiculous.

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  1. bastards. Why do they have to make everything so hard?

    I like the new home, you’re gonna have such fun setting up house here. Welcome to Blogger!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Insurance people suck. Can you go higher than her??

    I have found that blogger is sooo
    much (user) friendlier than msn. :)

  3. Idiots. All of them. Maybe you can get some from Canada? Or at some Thickening Underground? Just kidding…hope insurance wakes up soon.

  4. Welcome over to blogger! Love the new site. I hate the red tape that we have to go through. However it doesn’t seem like it is the insurance but the supplier. What a pain

  5. Ok, I agree the thickener thing is a bit ridiculous. As for the space it seems nice..good to know it’s still same ol’ KM with just a different name!

  6. Small Town Girl says:

    Looks like you’ve got yourself a pretty decent place here!

    How sucky about the thickener!! That’s the dumbest thing ever, since your kid’s life pretty much depends on it. Hopefully it all gets straightened out soon!

  7. I would ask to speak to her supervisor and explain to him/her that if your son end up in the hospital because of this idiot woman, he can be guaranteed a call from your lawyer. That is ridiculous. Even after you said that you would pay for it out of pocket.
    The new site looks nice. But I’ll miss you on spaces!
    Keep your chin up

  8. A is on thickener now, since he still fails swallow tests even now, at 18. Fight, yell, scream, do what you must. You are right!


  9. Great place you’ve got here, KM!

    What a terrible battle to have to wage. I hope you get it straightened out SOON!

    As for strangers, I daresay none of them is going to run screaming from the room. Likely, you’ll encounter one of two types – those who ignore the fact that Charlie has a few issues, and those who will have no reservations about asking very detailed questions. I’m sure you’ll come up with your own way of dealing with both types.

    Have a great day and enjoy your Halloween!

  10. Wow–sometimes insurance is something else–do you think they train them to be that stupid?

  11. Normal Everyday Life says:

    I like the new place!! I added it to my favorites…Insurance companies just suck some time. Hope you get it all figured out. Have a great Halloween.

    Normal Everyday Life

  12. Ugh! Insurance companies are EVIL! Love the new site. I’m a fellow Blogger convert and have nothing but great things to say about it.

  13. Insurance BS. Just plain sucks. Can’t say it any nicer than that. I’m sorry.

    If you MUST leave me over at spaces, then at least I’m glad to know where to find you. sniff sniff.

  14. Oh I like the candy, put I have already gone on to greener grounds…

    Now as for Bin, Roo’s formula was $30 a can from age 1 mo to 18 mos for about half the time I was covered ( she was born inable to handle any protein whatsoever)…so I know you will do whatever you can to help him at this time…offering up prayers..

    Oh and come and visit my new digs sometime..halloween pics are up.

  15. Hi KM,

    Your sense of humor is intact and that, my friend, is a great deal to possess.

    As to the soriety girl – how much do you really need to tell her? Four month olds don’t walk or talk and if she can’t handle your beloved child and his medical condition – you don’t need her!

    You new space is coming along nicely.

    Betty (the buzz)

  16. so did you ever get the thickener????