Oh yeah!  I’ve been writing in this thing for days on end. 
Job–kids are starting to get tired of testing.  Hopefully, they’ll do a little better this year than last.  One of my kids had a downright successful attempt at one of the math open responses.  Considering her raw score last year was in the single digits, I know this will help boost her confidence for the test in the spring.  Strangely, our kids had the biggest problems with dividing a trapezoid into three triangles.  They drew too many lines, they made too many triangles–it was bizarre.  We may have to take some time and work on shape manipulation–and they definitely have to review what the word congruent means.  I’m already planning a really cute activity with a bunch of congruent shapes. 
For a while now I’ve been stalking jobs–listening for people who might be leaving to see if I can get a job with my own classroom and my own lessons.  I don’t dislike special ed, but I would rather be in my subject area.  I’m already hearing about a couple people who might not be coming back–I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to find something that suits me.  I’ll miss Jeff and Mrs. Kelly, but I’ll be able to visit.  If it doesn’t work out, I still have a pretty cool job with some people that I like a lot.
Fam–talked to B last night about the upcoming nuptials.  He sounds very laid back which is typical of the men who don’t have to do anything.  Hub’s been told we have to go to some $100 X-mas party for work.  Not really our type of shindig, but if the boss gives you the look, you do what you have to.  Maybe I’ll get myself a new dress.
Friends–K sent a sad e-mail about her holidays.  I just want to tell her that her dad sucks and she should just ignore him, but family relationships are never that easy.  I hope this doesnt totally screw her up when it come to men.
Over and Out.  Tomorrow is Friday!!!!
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