Turns Out I Still do Have my Password

See there? I can be funny. Or something close. I’ve been very, very busy, but tonight I am struck with an urge to talk about my actual life and not just summarize it in 140 characters or what have you.

The thing about blogging is that if you don’t do it for a while, you forget how to do it. I go to sleep at night with little snippets of sentences parading in my head, but no full thoughts. Makes it a lot harder to sound coherent when I finally sit down here.

Oh well. Incoherent is what you get, I guess.

So how have I been you ask? I’ve been good. I’ve been running my hyper-local parenting site. I’m in the midst of planning a big dinner and a charity event as well, so it keeps me busy. But good busy. I’m stretching myself. We’ve got franchises up in Lafayette, Jefferson Parish, and Smyrna, GA and I’m busy working with another mom getting her site started. It’s fun and exhausting and pretty awesome.

And the boys? Well, the boys are a mess, but nothing too dramatic.

Charlie is doing very well in some areas. I’ve slowly been reintroducing ABR into his life and he enjoys the one-on-one time with Mommy. The techniques they do have been fine-tuned over the years, so he responds even better and even faster than in years past. I look over and admire his sitting almost daily.

He is still very resistant to actual work at school and we’ve made very little progress in getting him to do much in that area although he does try if he’s feeling up to it. If you hold his hand, he can write his name. He’d rather not do work though. He’d like to hang out, visit, listen to music, and generally be a social butterfly. He was invited to a typical kid’s birthday party the other day and we went and had a very nice time!

His big issues these days are the things that bother a lot of kids, but with Charlie there are layers that keep me from figuring things out right away. He’s been having reflux, which caused night waking. It took a lot of fiddling to figure out that some slippery elm before bed makes him sleep and eat better. Easy! The second issue is less easy. He has chronic sinus infections. A CT scan revealed this and he seems to be in a constant state of stuffy nose, post-nasal drip. Nothing we try seem to help for very long. The kicker is that it makes him drool a LOT more. He drools more at six than he did at two and three. So my goal is to get him to the ENT to see what our options are there.

And the twinnies? There are doing their thing. Not much talking, but Louis is trying very hard. August is less interested, but that’s his personality. Louie is super-social man. Talking will help him with that. August is less so. August has social needs, but they’re quieter–he wants to play, he wants to snuggle. He’s my sweetie. Our goal is to have Louis continue at his current preschool and send August to Early Intervention preschool. August will shut down if there’s a chance to–we need him in a small class situation so he doesn’t have that option.

And that leaves Rexie! Guess what? He’s not so good at the talking either. I know y’all are shocked. I have enrolled him in Early Intervention as well (I’m four for four here), and he’ll be starting at the same preschool as Louis in the fall. Scary thought: one morning a week I’ll have no children in my house. I mean, realistically that will probably never happen, but it’s an interesting possibility. I’m also going to be living in my van with four kids in three different schools. Good thing I like my van.

So that’s it. No fairy tales at my house–just hard work, lots of therapy, and some amazing little boys.

I’m smiling as I type this.

Til next time!



Time Marches On

Well, some more time has passed and I find myself looking backward at my thirty-fifth birthday. That’s right, I have somehow managed to stumble my way into middle age and here I am still wondering why people treat me like an adult. And wondering when they’re going to realize that I’m not one. . .

Turning 35 isn’t as bad as one might expect, though. I’ve been working my tail off on my own local blog and on the other local blog sites and it feels amazing to be doing something that I love this much. It’s a great feeling. I’m working with smart, interesting women who are developing their own sites, I’m getting to share all the stuff I’ve learned about blogging and social media over the years, and, and well, it’s good. It’s good, good, good and I am glad to be doing it.


So apparently the key to getting older is being happy with who you are. Or something like that. These are deep thoughts for a Monday.


The problem with 35 is that as if by magic, I am now acutely aware of how generally un-fit and not-healthy I am. I’ve been conveniently avoiding this for ages now–being pregnant really helps with that–but here it is. Unhealthy. My diet is crap and consists largely of chicken nuggets, I’m practically mainlining Diet Coke, and I don’t eat nearly enough vegetables. And really, I could probably ignore all of this, but I’m tired a lot too and it’s hard to keep up with the kids and that seems like a really good reason to get my butt in gear. I also have some very mild arthritis that seems to have settled into my elbows and I’d like to get that looked at as well. I need a tune up, apparently.

So there it is. Thirty-five and doin’ alright. That’s doesn’t rhyme, but you get the idea.

Til next time.


Up and Down

It has been a wild ride here in Bird Land. Wild.

Right after I started sending the twins to daycare, I decided to start a local website. There was no place to go for family-friendly information and my area is made up of all these small towns so you could easily visit six different websites trying to find out what’s going on.

So! I changed that and then it got a bit nuts around here. People like the site a lot, which is a good thing, but then a bunch of people in the neighboring parish decided that they needed a site like that too. My friend agreed to head that up, so now there are two! new sites going. Small businesses are excited and we’re helping them plan family-friendly events and Facebook parties and it’s all very exciting.

Meanwhile, two month ago my AC overflowed and wall between my bathroom and Charlie’s room was swallowed by mold. We had to have it remediated–which involved a mold “bomb”–and then we had to hire people to put it back together. I spent a month sleeping on the couch and things are still kind of in shambles. Charlie’s wall has no paint, the back of my linen closet doesn’t exist, and there’s a giant, silver air-sucking machine in the twins room. Not plugged in or anything. Just hanging out.

And my mom had some health issues.

And I went to that conference in Atlanta.

And long story short (too late). . . it’s been busy.

The boys are good–still plugging along at their own, random pace. I’ve begun warming up Early Intervention Preschool for August’s arrival next year and everyone seems ready. I’m able to keep his diet quite clean since he’s at home and he’s doing well–interacting with us, learning to jump, smiling, laughing, etc. He is not perfect, but he is good and I have some plans for some more supplements to try with him. Everything with that kid is in the gut–happy gut, happy kid.

Louie is still speaking Louie, but sometimes it breaks through into English and that’s wonderful. He also learned to point and now points at everything. He also likes to give me imaginary things, which I think is a good sign. His school reports seem to get consistently better, and that’s good for my mama heart as well.

Rexie is Rexie. He’s babbling a lot and says Mama and Dada appropriately. I wonder if this makes him my first kid to talk? Or my second? Third? Who knows. I suspect he will be like his brothers and take his sweet time with language, but one thing I know for sure is that while my boys have trouble talking, they’re doing OK with understanding. This makes things a little easier on my heart as I wait for more words to come. I have a house of non-talkers, but not non-understanders. It could be worse.

And Charlie? Charlie is rocking out, actually. He’s working hard on things like handwriting and cutting. Every night I think my husband will just bust with pride when he sees the new things that Charlie can do.  He making progress on his goals including real, standard Kindergarten goals. As his brothers chatter more, so does he. And in PT he has begun moving a walker. Teeny, tiny step, but still. . . it’s moving.

So I apologize for the silence. We are OK over here. Rushing, busy, and often sleepy, but good.


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